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The Parenting With Purpose Method

Time runs out in...

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

You get one chance to raise your kids. 
What are you willing to do?

Is having kids not what you imagined?

You thought it would be easy and glamorous. 

Traveling with kids on vacation to sandy beaches to lounge and watch sunsets. 

BUT.... instead you're tired, exhausted and fed up with your kids driving you crazy!

You are not ALONE!

If life feels like a grind as you try to manage your kids not listening, yelling, backtalk, lack of sleep and constant power struggles followed by tantrums...

I have something for you!

I know it might feel like nothing will work because up until now, nothing has.

I know that you work really hard and success matters to you, and you're tired of feeling like you're failing at parenthood.

I know you love your kids but sometimes resent them, which leaves you full of guilt.

I know that you want to enjoy your life, avoid repeating the same parenting mistakes your parents made, but you don't know how.
"I was stuck and Tia got me unstuck. I’m enjoying being a parent now."
Cheryl B.
"I’ve tried it all, hired coaches and nothing worked until I had Tia’s guidance. She’s the best!"
Natalee C.
I also know that you deserve to have time for you!

A life where you take luxurious holidays and enjoy every minute (even with your kids!)

What I know most is that you're sick and tired of trying 9 million things all to have none of it work. 

Your kids still don't sleep, eat, do their homework...

They still don't listen unless you yell and lose your sh*t. They continue to battle you on everything.

So, you're wondering, and rightfully so, why would this work?

I'm not here to waste your time, as I know time is invaluable. 

So let's make this short and sweet.

All you need is a clear step-by-step plan that walks you through how to get your kids to listen, act respectfully and cooperates without you having to nag, yell or punish.

With your plan you need accountability to ensure you stay on track so you can take away the second guessing and doubt...making sure you get the results I know you can have.

Lastly, you need me to support you! To answer your questions and guide you to results in the fastest, easiest and most simple way!

....in a way that's been PROVEN BY HUNDREDS of parents before you!

....in a way that doesn't take up more of your time but rather SAVES YOU TIME AND ENERGY each day.

....in a way that allows you to stop googling for help each time something pops up. Instead create battle-free days, morning to night with a system that's ONE AND DONE!

Never need another parenting course again!

This works for ALL KIDS AGES 1+

"In only a few weeks we saw a changes we never thought would be possible. Tia is a wealth of knowledge."
Craig & Amy
"I’m not even kidding… progress happens after just one week!"
Ashley M.
Set your life up for success with The Parenting With Purpose Method!


$3,000 worth of extra parenting support - ENTIRELY FREE!

 - Easy step by step process designed for busy parents (I know you don't have extra time!)

 - Never feel stuck or alone as other parents transform alongside you.

 - Broken down to give you RESULTS THAT LAST!

What the program includes: 

- Module 1: Why You're Stuck - What Is Positive Parenting

Module 2: Break Generational Trauma - How To Stop Yelling

Module 3: The Real Reason Your Kids Act Out The Meaning Behind Your Child's Behavior

Module 4: The Secret To Avoid Unwanted Behaviors - Child's Behavior Roadmap

- Module 5: Tired Of Feeling At War With Your Kids? Building Parent-Child Connections

Module 6: Get Your Kids To Listen The First Time You Ask - Managing Misbehavior

-  Module 7: The Truth About Why Your Kids Don’t Care About Consequences - How to Implement Proper Consequences

Module 8: Life Without Power Struggles - How To Avoid Power Struggles

- Module 9: Fed Up With Outbursts? - Managing Outbursts

- Module 10:  Get Your Evenings Back And Sleep All Night!  - Step Out For Sleep Success

- Module 11: The Right Tools - Implementation Week 

- Module 12: How To Be The Best Parent You Can Be - Parenting Maintenance 

Ongoing access to all the materials for as long as I am coaching The Parenting With Purpose Method!

- Easy step by step process designed for busy parents (I know you don't have extra time!)

- Broken down to give you RESULTS THAT LAST!
What have you got to lose?

I know you feel stuck and you're weighing the risks as we speak...

What I want you to know is that risk is involved in EVERY DECISION YOU MAKE!

If you choose to stay stuck and not move forward there's risk in your decision. 

Risk that you continue to raise your kids with timeouts, yelling, punishment and anger. 

They grow up fearing getting in trouble or how you will react. 

Risk that your kids will continue the same vicious cycles. 

Risk that you will weaken your relationship even more with your kids causing them to pull away further as they grow.


If you choose to move forward and join The Parenting With Purpose Method your one and only risk is "what if it doesn't work?"

Proven to work for hundreds of parents before you! 

Doubt often floods in, holding you back from being the best parent you can be.

Don't stop yourself from being your best version. 

Don't let excuses keep you stuck feeling like a failure and full of guilt.

Instead weigh the risk....What's more risky?

To stay stuck or get unstuck?

I think we both know the answer so let's not waste another minute feeling trapped by your kids. Wasting time where you could be enjoying the moments you have.

Your kids grow quickly - It's time you can't get back!

"Thanks to Tia we stopped yelling at our kids!"
Gregg & John
"Tia works magic! I have completely changed as a person as well as a parent."
Allison N.

"Tia was exactly what I needed to break my negative parenting experience."
-Mallery H.

"Tia was exactly what I needed to break my negative parenting experience."
-Mallery H.

What Other Parents Are Saying...

"Tia is a wealth of knowledge... 
supportive and changed our lives."
Ariella I.
"My husband and I are finally on the same page and free of guilt!"
Lisa V.
"Because of Tia, I no longer dread days with my kids but I actually enjoy them!"
Jessica K.
"Tia has changed our lives for the better! She’s the best at what she does."
Melissa S.
"Tia's an expert in breaking down scenarios into bite-size pieces. We highly recommend her."
Natasha P.
"We've read books and tried different things, but wanted a proven program and access to an expert."
Lindsay L.
"It’s a one and done parenting course."
"Working with Tia was definitely life-changing."
Jennifer G.
"I hated raising kids until I worked with Tia."
"Tia was exactly what I needed to break my negative parenting experience."
Mallery H.
"Tia gave us back our confidence, while also allowing us to enjoy parenting!"
Stephanie & David
"Tia is my go-to parenting expert. Hands down, she’s the best in the business."
Sam H.
"This program has saved my life!!! Thank you for all your knowledge, support and compassion."
Sarai R.
"We now have the confidence, knowledge and skills we were clearly lacking before."
Mel S.
"The modules have been a resounding success."
"Tia’s coaching has changed my life and the way I face motherhood!"
"Tia is a miracle worker! My kids are like night and day. There has been a huge shift!"
"Tia really makes her clients a priority."
"Tia and her teachings has been nothing short of amazing."
Emily V.
"We were able to rebuild through this program."
Kim B.
"Do it! You don’t need to feel exhausted, alone, and fed up."
Sarah A,
“I stopped yelling when I joined the program and I haven’t yelled since.”
Melissa M.
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