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Tia is a parenting coach, teacher, business owner, best selling author (You’ve Got This Mama, Too) and most importantly a MOM. She is the founder of Tia Slightham- Parenting Solutions and The Parenting With Purpose Method, where she works with parents to teach them positive ways to decrease the daily struggles we all encounter as parents. You will learn to save time and energy so you can live a high quality life with your kids, enjoying the moments you have together.

Tia has a Masters degree in Early Childhood Ed., is certified in Positive Discipline and has worked with kids and families for over 18 years. She will work alongside you to tailor a plan to solve all of your parenting struggles. Her positive solutions will be effective, long-lasting and most importantly, will help you and your child reconnect.
Small changes make BIG results!

NOTE: This call time is reserved for parents enrolled in The Parenting With Purpose Method coaching program. If time permits I will be answering parenting questions submitted by Open House attendees. The purpose of this call is for you to see exactly what it's like to receive my coaching and support inside The Parenting With Purpose Method weekly calls.
Tuesday, February 7th
@ 12:30pm (EST)

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